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Streets closed after stone falls from First National Building in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY - Construction crews were left picking up the pieces after concrete from the First National Building came crumbling down to the downtown street below.

"Several pieces of concrete fell from the building, did some damages to some of the vehicles parked below," said Lt. Jeff Spruill with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Stones fall from First National

On Sunday, emergency crews were called to Robinson and Park Ave. in downtown Oklahoma City.

"It struck the catwalk that goes over N. Robinson and then basically shattered into the street," Spruill said.

On Monday morning, folks were stopped on their way to work by road closure signs and detour signs.

City crews had to tape off Robinson and Park to keep pedestrians and traffic away from the area.

Stones fell from First National

"I wondered what had happened because there was lights everywhere, this was early this morning," said John Witten, who works nearby.

The building's owner told News 4 water and winter weather caused five limestone panels from the building's 22nd floor to crumble.

"It appears as though some water probably got in behind the back of that stone, and this really cold weather snap that we had last week would have expanded and popped the bolts that hold those stones on," said Gary Brooks, the building's owner.

Brooks said the water could have come from rain or a recent fire in November on the building's 26th floor.

First National Building

"We were very comfortable with the condition of the stone, so we don't feel like there's any loose pieces up there," Brooks said.

Construction crews will come in Monday night and Tuesday morning to exam the structure.

"Hopefully we can reopen the street Wednesday morning, that would be the plan," Brooks said.

Witten said he trusts the owners will do a good job getting the building safe again.

"I think it will be okay after it's been checked out because it's been there a long time," Witten said.

Brooks said a crew will be out as early as 7 a.m. Tuesday to inspect the structure.