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“I call him one of our frequent flyers,” Suspect tases 2 Oklahoma officers during arrest

SEMINOLE, Okla. - Police said a recent, violent encounter with a suspect is a clear example of the dangers they face on the job.

Two officers were tased by the suspect identified as Dakota Jones, 30, while they were responding to a possible home invasion in progress.

According to the Seminole Police Department, Lieutenant Michael Burnett and Officer Adam Good came in contact with Jones on Thursday. Jones was tased twice by Burnett before he was able to get the taser in his own hands.

Burnett told News 4 he was struck in the left knee with his own taser by the suspect.

"It's very painful, seems like it lasts forever, like you're not breathing but, when it's over, it's over," Burnett said. "This is a reminder, to me, that any point at any time that these type of things can happen."

While he said this was a career first for him, Seminole Police Chief David Hanson said Jones is no stranger to them.

"I call him one of our frequent flyers," Hanson said. "We've dealt with him on weapons charges before, assaults before, stalking-type calls. He's somebody we get a lot of calls about."

Hanson said the incident served as a reminder of the unpredictable circumstances officers are placed in daily.

"The little old man that you come across that’s 80 years old might be the one who pulls a gun out and shoots you," he said. "You just have to make a split-second decision and hope you’re right with your decision. Whatever your decision is, you’re going to be second guessed for."

News 4 stopped by the last-known address for Jones to get his side of the story. We're told his family still lived there, however they did not wish to speak with us.

Jones is currently facing four charges in relation to the incident, including the assault and battery of a police officer. A status conference is scheduled for January 18.