NAACP calls for investigation after traffic stop on Turner Turnpike

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TULSA, Okla. – The Oklahoma NAACP is calling for an investigation following a traffic stop on Jan. 5 on the Turner Turnpike.

According to press release from the NAACP, Eric Gill, a Tulsa minister, was pulled over by an OHP trooper and posted an account of it to Facebook.

He claims that he pulled over at the McDonald’s in the middle of the turnpike, near Stroud.

Gill claims the trooper told him over the P.A. system to get out of his car. Gill said he did so with his hands up because he was afraid of being shot.

Gill said the trooper told him, “When a black man puts his hands up, they have something to hide. Do you have your hands up because you have drugs?”

“Do I need to search the car?” the trooper asked, according to Gill.

The president of the Oklahoma NAACP plans to review body and dash cam video of the traffic stop at OHP on Wednesday.

An OHP spokesperson tells us they are looking into the incident.

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