Oklahoma teen sentenced for murder after rap video leads to his arrest

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Ben McIntosh

PONTOTOC COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma teen has been sentenced to prison for murder after a rap video posted online led to his arrest.

Jose Cruz Prado, 29, was found dead in September 2015 inside a small travel trailer near Ada.

Several months passed and investigators had run out of leads.

But that all changed in Nov. 2015 when two 14-year-old boys posted a rap video online.

In the video, the teens allegedly threatened to shoot faculty and other students at Byng Junior High School.

The teens were arrested and authorities obtained a warrant to search the home of one of the boys to see if he really did have a gun.

Officials say one of those boys lived with 37-year-old Sheila Arles.

When authorities searched Arles’ home, they found a spent 9mm casing under the couch.

Officials tested the casing and found that it matched casings found at the Prado homicide scene.

“In the course of doing the search warrant, as we turned one of the couches over, there was a shell casing underneath the couch, and we knew it matched the caliber of the Prado case,” Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian told KFOR at the time.

When authorities questioned Arles about the casing, she allegedly admitted to being involved in Prado’s murder.

According to court documents, Arles wanted Prado to pay her for sex.

Arles told investigators that she and her 18-year-old son, Ben McIntosh, went to Prado’s home to rob him of his money.

McIntosh reportedly told authorities that the three of them got into an argument and he shot Prado.

The sheriff said if it hadn’t been for that rap video, this murder may have never been solved.

Arles and McIntosh were both arrested and charged in the murder.

Sheila Denice Arles and Ben McIntosh

McIntosh was initially charged with first-degree murder – deliberate intent, first-degree murder – felony murder, and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Arles, was charged with first-degree murder – felony murder and conspiracy to commit a felony.

This week, as part of a plea agreement, McIntosh’s charges were reduced to second-degree murder and conspiracy, the Ada News reports.

He was sentenced to serve 30 years in prison for the murder charge and 10 years for the conspiracy charge.

Arles was sentenced to 30 years in prison last year after pleading “no contest” to second-degree murder.

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