Catholic school cancels class on Friday due to high rate of flu

OKLAHOMA CITY – A private Catholic school in Oklahoma City announced that it is canceling class due to the flu.

On Thursday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health reported that 22 Oklahomans had died from the flu so far this season, including four people in the past week.

Experts say that 231 people had to be hospitalized within the last week due to the flu virus, bringing the total number of hospitalizations to 1,020.

Now, a private Catholic school is canceling class because of the virus.

In a letter to parents, the Catholic School of St. Eugene announced that they are experiencing high rates of flu and flu-like symptoms among the student body.

In fact, they say 25 percent of students were sick on Thursday with many being diagnosed with the flu or strep throat.

To stop the spread of the virus, the school is closing on Friday, Jan. 12.

“The Catholic School of St. Eugene is currently experiencing much higher than normal rates of Influenza and flu-like symptoms among our student body. This week several students have been absent one or more days for illness, and both yesterday and now today we have over 25% of the students absent, with several confirmed fluĀ  and strep cases among these. In an effort to mitigate the spread and transfer of illness any further CSSEĀ  will be instituting a school closed illness day on Friday, January 12, 2018. The closure applies to all students and instructional staff, and will count as a ‘snow day’ for our calendar count. This will give us time to have the facility thoroughly disinfected and allow the flu virus to be eradicated on all school desks and other surfaces. It is difficult to provide appropriate lessons to the small group remaining without sacrificing instructional quality for those absent, and this brief closure should assist with this problem too. I deeply regret any inconveniences this may cause you in arranging childcare. My goal is to get this information to families as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for your children to have supervision tomorrow. School will resume as normal on Monday, January 15th, 2018 with a ‘Catholic Day of Service’ for our students,” a statement from the school read.