“They’re just so great,” Metro academic team putting students on the road to success

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NORMAN, Okla. - At Robin Hill Public School, the students are very inquisitive.

And, they’ve got an award winning academic team that’s tough to beat.

In fact, they took 3rd place at a recent state competition.

Teacher Stephanie Murray coaches the academic team.

“I just love these kids. They’re so great. They have so much wit and intelligence in them. And I love being the one that gets to kind of bring that out in them. And giving them the confidence they need to really shine," Murray said.

And, the students like to be challenged.

“It’s a game. It’s like a sport about being smart, not about physical abilities," said sixth grader Adam Danhoff.

“I just really like trivia and that has a big part in academic bowl. And I also just like it cause it’s fun. Like a game," said eighth grader Anna Conner.

Principal Brandon Voss is encouraged by the enthusiasm and success of the academic team.

“I can’t describe how proud, just a great group of kids. Extremely, extremely dedicated academically," Voss said.

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