“I’m looking for a home,” 10-year-old hoping to find a permanent family

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Johnny is a funny, young man who is ready for a home.

We featured him a year ago with his older brother. Now, he's trying to be adopted on his own, but his caretakers said he keeps a photo of his brother with him as his most prized possession.

Johnny is a fun and outgoing 10-year-old.

Those who take care of him also describe him as compassionate, easy going and self-confident. One thing is for sure, he's full of personality.

"I'm just a little kid who likes food, and I'm looking for a home and I'm in a group home,” Johnny said.

Finding a home is a top priority for the child who's been under DHS custody for almost four years.

If he gets adopted, he would love to keep in contact with his older brother. He also wouldn't mind having more brothers and sisters.

"I want a brother, and sister and a baby brother," Johnny said.

And, he's a big help, too.

"I would wash the dishes for them. I would take out the trash for them, and I would want to live out on a farm," he said.

Johnny enjoys the open space of a farm and loves riding horses, as well as the great outdoors. It's a peaceful retreat compared to living with more than a dozen children.

He's a child desperate to find a permanent place to call home.

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