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Woman arrested in Edmond with stolen W-2 forms

EDMOND, Okla. - Edmond police were called to the Kohl’s parking lot by a citizen who said he saw a suspect stop at several mailboxes on his cul-de-sac.

He called 911 and followed the woman.

“I’m still at Danforth and Western, kind of looking around. She is driving like very erratic,” the caller told 911 dispatch.

He tracks her to the Kohl’s parking lot.

“She’s going in and going shopping. Yeah, I don’t know. She’s out of her car, and she locked her car,” he said.

That’s where Edmond police caught up to her.

“There was a lot of property in her car that had a bunch of different names,” said Jenny Wagnon with the Edmond Police Department.

Police found two Oklahoma state ID cards, two unsigned Visa cards, several casino cards and an Oklahoma financial aid card.

They also found several bottles of medication with different names on them and six W-2 forms.

Police arrested Ashley Brown, 33, and said she told them what she planned on doing with the information on the W-2’s.

“She ended up telling our detectives that she did not specifically steal them, but knew that they were stolen and she had them for the reason she was going to take them to a cellphone store and open accounts with that information,” Wagnon said.

Police said Brown also told them she would drive through neighborhoods specifically looking for mailboxes with a little red flag sticking up, indicating outgoing mail.

“She had a check that she had stolen or had in her possession that had forged the information on. She was going to cash that,” Wagnon said.

Police said this is the time of year, tax season, when highly personal information is traveling through the mail.

They said the man who called 911 potentially stopped several instances of fraud.

Edmond police are now working to track down the rightful owners of all the stolen documents.