Update: ‘Coming Soon’ sign not getting the job done

UPDATE 2/5/18 - Last month, we told you about the Reddens, a couple from Midwest City who owns a nutrition bar and boot camp studio.

They paid sign guy Terry Temple $2,600 for a new business sign.

That was more than four months ago and, still, no sign but, right after our report aired, Lynda Reddens received a text from Temple's son who lives in Arkansas.

He was tipped off by a family member about what was going on with his dad.

“They said he had some heart issues in December, which that we fully understand, but that didn't explain the months in between September to December," Lynda said.

The In Your Corner bottom line is Temple took care of business, dropping off a cashier's check for the full $2,600.

That means Temple won't be charged with a crime, and the Reddens can put the refund toward a new sign with a second company so people driving by know they're open for business.

Their new sign should arrive within the week.

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - New Level Fitness is open for business, but you might not know that from the banner out front that says 'Coming Soon.'

Josh and Lynda Redden wrote a big fat check worth $2,600 for their new sign months ago.

“[Terry Temple] actually walked into our nutrition club,” Josh said. “We took a chance with him.”

The couple wanted to give their business to another small business owner.

Things, though, never got moving.

There was no design or contract.

The Reddens tell the In Your Corner team Temple waited over a month to even put up the banner, and that was only after a police officer paid him a visit. 

“He went and found out where he lives, went and asked him about it,” Josh said. “Within about 48 hours, the banner was up.”

We know Midwest City police are investigating.

Just like the Reddens, Temple appears to be ignoring our repeated emails, texts and phone calls.

There is no sign of Temple or the Reddens' cash or sign.

“I have people come in and say ‘When is your gym going to be open?’” Lynda said. “I tell them, ‘Well, we have been.’ They say ‘Your sign doesn't say that.’”

Josh and Lynda are resilient, bouncing forward, not backward.

The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office will now decide whether to file a criminal charge against Temple.

The Reddens are in talks with a second sign company.

A new design and agreement is in the works.

A couple of years ago, Temple did do some additional work for the Reddens and he came through on that job.