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Football team goes on snow patrol, shoveling snow for senior citizens

YORK, Pa. - The York Generals football team is used to cold weather.

"It's football weather," said Bob Moore, the quarterback for the York Generals.

However, the team decided to take time off from the field and help the community on this blustery winter day.

"Just to see somebody with a smile, someone, an elderly person that doesn't have to come out in this snow or anything like that and work extra hard. That just makes me feel good inside to know that I actually helped somebody out," Javan Matthews, player for York Generals, said.

The team went out on snow patrol, shoveling sidewalks for senior citizens in York City.

"We're pretty busy. We get a lot of phone calls from a lot of elderly people that are in need, or are disabled. So, just trying to get out and help as much as we can," Matthews told WPMT.

"I am shocked, I really am. The whole situation. The first time I've ever seen this, you know. That's very kind of them. It really is," Nicki Jenc, a neighbor, said.

The team says they wanted to give back to their community, and lead by example.

"Kids in the community who love football. Not only just the people who love football, like on the field. It's also you've got to uphold off the field as well. So we try to show that by taking action," Moore said.

The team says they will keep shoveling snow until the calls for help stop.