“I heard an explosion,” Oklahoma man injured after trailer hitch crashes through his windshield

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CHANDLER, Okla. - Jerry Johnson and his wife were driving home, cruising down the famous Route 66 in Chandler when the unthinkable happened.

They were just five minutes away from their house when Johnson said he heard a loud noise.

“Actually, I was looking off and then I heard an explosion. I looked up at the same time and all I saw was the broken glass,” he said.

The glass was shattered by a trailer hitch. It came flying through their windshield.

“Apparently came through the windshield, hit my arm and Julie's arm, bounced around in the back of the car. Like I said, I didn't even know what it was for a long time,” said Johnson.

The hitch came from a pickup traveling in the opposite direction. With glass everywhere, Johnson checked on his wife before he noticed he was hurt.

“It just took a few minutes before I realized I was injured, there was some blood coming out around my arm,” Johnson said.

He was rushed to the hospital where he had to have two surgeries.

Johnson says if he would have been sitting just a few inches to the right, he might not be here today.

“It would have been it for us. If it would have come in sideways, it would have got us both,” he said.

The Johnson family is now stuck with medical costs and a car repair bill worth nearly $10,000.  Johnson would like the owner of the trailer hitch to come forward.

Until then, he has a message for drivers.

“I suggest they make a good safe check of their equipment if you're pulling a trailer or if you got a hitch on it, it might be a good idea to check it,” Johnson said.

Johnson is just glad he and his wife are alive and safe.

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