Hurts Donut creates doughnut following ‘Tide Pod challenge’

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WICHITA, Kans. – A popular doughnut chain has created a new sweet treat in response to the latest social media challenge.

The Tide Pod challenge involves people posting videos of themselves eating laundry capsules on social media.

For years, children have inadvertently eaten the toxic packets, leading to accidental poisonings and calls for parents to keep them away from their kids. Some said the products can be mistaken for candy.

In recent weeks, the Tide Pod challenge has exploded, leading the American Association of Poison Control Centers to issue an alert.

“A recent trend among teenagers ingesting the packets – and uploading videos to various internet platforms including video-sharing websites, social media and vlogging platforms – has caused significant concern among poison control centers,” the association said Tuesday

After word of the challenge began spreading, Hurts Donut decided to clear up any confusion about what is edible.

“We just kind of put out the post as just a funny alternative to a more serious topic,”  Trista Patterson, owner of Hurts Donut in Wichita, Kansas, told KSN. “We see so much heavy stuff everyday that we’re just putting a little lighter approach on a serious subject.”

While many customers thought the post was funny, others were not amused.

“Really can’t believe y’all did this. This is not cool or funny. Honestly love your donuts but will never have another one. I hope this puts you out of business,” one Facebook user wrote on the Norman store’s page.

“Irresponsible stupid not a laughing matter Not only are stupid teens dying because of these pods but small children have as well What if it was your child–very disrespectful,” another wrote.

Patterson told KSN that the post is not encouraging people to eat the laundry detergent.

“Hurts Donut company in general has never really claimed to be a serious business anyways so we’re just kind of poking fun at it and saying you know putting out our own PSA saying eat this not that,” she said.