Man, woman in custody after leading Oklahoma City police officers on chase

OKLAHOMA CITY - A man and a woman are in custody after leading authorities on a chase Friday afternoon.

"I'd have to say they were going at least 70 to 80 miles an hour going down the street," said resident David Hamilton.

It happened near N.E. 15th and Highland Dr., where U.S. Marshals were serving a federal warrant on a woman. She then made a run for it.

"At the time, the U.S. Marshals observed a female get into a white suburban. Once they tried to take her into custody, the vehicle fled the scene," said Lt. Tommy Ackerman, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Hamilton says he was caught in the middle of the chase.

"As I was coming down the street, I seen him coming down the street. He almost hit me and he swerved around me," said Hamilton.

After authorities chased the alleged suspects around the neighborhood, the suspects came back to the home and pulled over, where they were arrested.

Police say weapons may have been tossed from the vehicle and the investigation is ongoing.