Off-duty firefighter saves Oklahoma man suffering massive heart attack

OKLAHOMA CITY - An off-duty firefighter was in the right place at the right time to help rescue a man who collapsed in front of him.

Jim Resh was walking his dog near Britton and County Line Rd. back in early October when he suffered a massive heart attack.

Oklahoma City Firefighter Steven Leissner was driving home when he saw Resh fall to the ground.

He jumped out of his car and immediately began CPR while another witness called 911.

Fortunately, Resh survived that day.

"It's crazy. A fireman saw me go down, it's almost mind-blowing how lucky I was," Resh said.

After months of recover and rehab, he and his wife wanted to meet the crew that helped save his life.

Jacqueline Resh managed to track down Leissner through Facebook, which led to a fire station reunion on Friday.

"We've heard positive outcomes but I've never gotten to meet anybody that we've directly affected, and it's really special for me," Steven Leissner, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department, said.

Jim didn't have his ID or phone with him that day. When his wife called police after he didn't return from his walk, they realized what had happened and led her to the hospital.