Oklahoma City cab drivers complain about toilet troubles at airport

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City cab drivers often have a dirty job, especially for those at the Will Rogers Airport staging area.

“Sometimes nature calls, and we go do what we gotta do. We aren't allowed to go inside and use the airport. So, if it looks like it did today, we do the best we can," said James Woosley, a cab driver.

When the portable toilets are filthy, they say they use the nearby trees to do their business.

The portable toilets got so bad this week, a cab driver sent News 4 photos, saying, "Three toilets for more than 70 drivers."

"Very unsanitary conditions that can spread all kinds of diseases at the airport," the message continued.

CCS Maintenance crews admit the toilets are appalling, but they say the cabbies are partially to blame.

Twice a week, crews come out to sanitize the units.

"This is going to take a while because I have to get a bucket, and water and chemicals. And I have to scrub this,” said Brad Bradbury, a worker for CCS.

However, this week's frigid weather caused a problem for the cleaning schedule.

“The waste was frozen solid until Friday morning. The company was unable to flush out the water because it was frozen. So they came out and cleaned as best they could," said Will Rogers World Airport spokesperson Karen Carney.

Before putting up a stink, maintenance crews say perhaps these fellas need a lesson in outhouse etiquette.

“This is what the lady's bathroom looks like. See how pretty and nice that is?” Bradbury said.

CCS also says they’ll switch out units if they become too filthy to use.

Airport officials insist, cab drivers aren’t banned from using the airport facilities. They simply cannot leave their vehicles unattended at the terminal, which is the same policy for everyone.