Woman says dog’s ear bitten off during attack at Oklahoma dog park

OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman says her four-legged companion was left with his ear bitten off, and she's left with hundreds of dollars in surgery costs.

Rachel Ward said it all started when she took her dog, Rocky, to the Midtown Mutts Dog Park in Oklahoma City.

“I was right by him and then all of a sudden, here comes a white bull terrier and just head on attacks him,” Rachel Ward said.

Ward says the attack happened so fast that everyone at the park just watched in horror.

“It was dangerous...very scary. There was blood everywhere, and it was just a nightmare,” Ward said.

Annette Bowers says she was at the park during the alleged attack, and that her dog actually tried to break up the fight.

“My dog was trying to break up the fight and just everyone was trying to break it up,” Bowers said.

A witness says the bull terrier's owner got control of his dog and stayed for a few minutes before leaving the scene.

Meanwhile, Ward took Rocky to the emergency vet, where he underwent surgery to repair his ear.

“It completely had to be stitched up and one ear is much shorter than the other,” she said.

He's still recovering with stitches in his ears, and Ward says she is stuck with nearly $600 in veterinarian bills.

Now, she's hoping the dog's owner will come forward to help with the expenses from the attack.

“He didn't stick around. He just left. He didn't even apologize or anything, so it would be really nice to get a hold of him and get justice and help me out with these medical bills,” Ward said.

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare says any payment will be considered a civil matter.

"It's really up to that citizen to do what they have to do civilly to try to recoup any cost that may have cost them,” Jon Gary, superintendent at Oklahoma City Animal Welfare, said.

In the meantime, Rocky is still healing from Sunday’s traumatic event.

“What breaks my heart is that he had to lose part of his ear because of this tragedy,” Ward said.

Officials with Animal Welfare say they are investigating the attack at the park.