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A star is dedicated to Minnie Mouse on the Walk of Fame

A star marked Minnie Mouse’s 90th anniversary of her first film: Plane Crazy.  She has been in 70 films since that silent film, including Steamboat Willie, which was her first film with sound.

The iconic animated character received her star on the Walk of Fame January 22.  This comes 40 years after her counterpart Mickey Mouse received his star.  Mickey received his star in 1978 on his 50th anniversary.  He was the first animated character to be honored with a star.

Katy Perry was there to introduce Minnie at the ceremony.  In her introduction, she said, “Her style is the epitome of fun fashion. Trust. To this day no one rocks a bow, the color red, or, or a dot quite like her.”

The current chairman and CEO of the Walk Disney Company, Robert Iger, was also there to help present the star to Mrs.  Mouse.  Iger joined the Disney team in the mid-90’s.

Snapchat also joined in on the fun with a Minnie Mouse filter.

Animated stars that have also received stars are Bugs Bunny, The Simpsons, Kermit the Frog, Donald Duck,  Winnie the Pooh, Shrek, Tinker Bell, The Muppets, and Snoopy.

There are more than 2,600 Stars marking the Walk of Fame.