16-year-old wants a family who will “love him no matter what was wrong with him”

OKLAHOMA CITY - Blake is described as a big teddy bear with a vibrant spirit.

This 16-year-old has been in DHS custody since he was a small child, but he's ready to find a permanent home.

"I haven't had a family in over six years, maybe eight. I was taken away from my family when I was 8," he said.

Blake actually went into DHS custody nine years ago when he was just a small child. He has had a tough past but is ready to move past that chapter in his life.

"He just very much craves a family that will love him and accept him for who he is,” said Kelly Mason, Blake's DHS worker.

Mason said Blake would do best with parents who can care for his special needs.

"He would need a family who could provide a lot of structure and would be very patient with him," she said.

In addition to being sweet, Blake is imaginative and creative.

The 16-year-old loves dragons so much that he's writing a book about the legendary creatures. It's something he'd like to do for a career.

However, what he dreams about most is the love and affection of a caring family.

"His final statement was that he wanted a family that would love him no matter what was wrong with him. And, those are his words. And, that sums it up,” Mason said, referring to an adoption video Blake was in last year.

Visit www.okdhs.org for more information on adopting a child, or call 1-800-376-9729.