Oklahoma district cancels two days of school due to flu

BRAY-DOYLE, Okla. – The widespread and devastating flu epidemic is starting to take its toll on a southwest Oklahoma school district.

Bray-Doyle Public Schools in Stephens County is closed Monday and Tuesday because of the amount of flu-related absences they have seen.

The district’s superintendent tells KSWO they are using these two days to disinfect the school and allow students to get well.

The superintendent says they started to see a drop in enrollment on Tuesday of last week.

The number of elementary students absent with the flu increased from 14 to 22 percent.

In the middle and high school, the number went from 9 to 15 percent.

The superintendent says there were two principals and at least four teachers sick.

KSWO also spoke to an educator with the Stephens County Health Department. They said they are in constant communication with schools in the district, giving them information on how to stop the flu from spreading.

Officials said¬†while the flu shot can help it’s also important to wash your hands and cover your cough.¬† If you are developing flu like symptoms they advise you to go to the doctor.