Edmond police warning residents of scam

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EDMOND, Okla. - At Edmond's Senior Center, medical bracelets are almost as common as wedding bands. It’s critical in a medical emergency.

"That's the first thing they look for. So, they have an idea what to watch for and they whip me in the ambulance and take me off," said senior citizen Connie Folmar.

But, there is a scam that's no laughing matter.

Edmond residents are being exploited with a real sounding offer.

"They used the name, Jennifer from the city of Edmond. It wasn't me," said Edmond police spokesperson, Jenny Wagnon.

The caller claims to be an Edmond city employee, signing people up for a free medical bracelet.

According to Wagnon, "Someone calling saying they represent the city of Edmond. They are even masking the number to look like an Edmond number. It says the city of Edmond on the caller ID."

It's a scheme to trick residents out of their personal information and steal their identity.

News 4 called tried to call the number. It was disconnected.

Edmond's Senior Center now offers monthly classes to help vulnerable people like Connie avoid being scammed.

"I just can’t imagine that. I'd be the one to fall for that. That’s horrible," said Folmar.