Duncan police search for bold jewelry thief

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DUNCAN, Okla. - It was a normal day at Payne's Jewelry until a suspect walked in with a story that he was trying to buy a gift for his wife. But, the surveillance cameras tell a different tale.

“He came in dressed neatly and everything, really not suspecting or anything,” said store owner Charles Rucker.

It was close to closing time when the well-dressed man walked in the store.

“Basically, he spent about, probably 10 minutes or so, just kind of looking through the store,” Rucker said.

Rucker said the man browsed and chatted for a few minutes looking for the perfect gift.

“We went throughout the whole store and there was actually a showcase that had been left cracked open. We were doing some counting, and it just had accidentally got left open,” said Rucker.

It was the perfect opportunity for a smooth criminal.

“He made a quick move, reached over the counter, got a tray of about five rings,” Rucker said.

The rings have a retail value of $5,000.

“This is every jeweler's, this is his nightmare,” Rucker said.

Luckily for Rucker and police, the entire crime was caught on surveillance video.

“He seemed pretty polished,” said Detective Dustin Smith.

Smith said it's hard to believe this is his first crime.

“Just in the way he did things, in the way he handled himself is like it's not his first time,” he said.

Rucker says the man "looked like a pro.”

Smith said the suspect could be facing serious charges.

“It's grand larceny, it's a felony. Of course, if he tries to sell them there could be other charges as well,” Smith said.

Rucker said after the suspect shoved the rings in his pocket, he asked for a business card and left.

Now, police are hoping to catch the thief before he strikes again.

Duncan police ask if you recognize the suspect or know any information that can lead to an arrest, to give detectives a call.

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