“It’s just a mess,” Flu hits Minco schools hard

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MINCO, Okla-  For the second straight year, Minco is closing its elementary school thanks to the flu.

On Thursday, almost 25% of the students, K-2, were under the weather. 

One first grade class had just five of its 19 students in attendance.

However, classes have been canceled for Friday at all Minco Schools.

 "It's just a mess and sometimes you don’t know what to do quite frankly. What is scary for us is that they are young-end children. Our elementary, especially our lower grade K-2, those classes have been hammered and hammered severely," said Minco Superintendent Kevin Sims.

 The flu hit hard last year, but it's different this year.

Kids are coming down with the flu twice, sometimes, with both strains and other infections.

 "We have a few kids that have both types, two different times. We have a few kids that have the flu and strep. We have some kids with Type A flu and Type B flu. We have also seen kids with negative reaction to Tamiflu," said Sims.

The OKC-County Health Department released new numbers Wednesday. 74 confirmed deaths and 2,014 patients have been hospitalized with the flu in Oklahoma since September. Most of the cases are in the 65 and older age bracket.

 Healthcare professionals are continuing to preach about vaccines and good hygiene.

Minco has a tool they are using in their buildings - a flu bomb. It's almost comparable to a bug bomb, but for bacteria and viruses.

 "We put one in each class room, each bathroom hallway offices we put them everywhere. It kills everything on contact, all bad germs​," said Sims. 

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