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Hunting scam targets Oklahoma hunters

CADDO COUNTY, Okla. – Authorities are investigating after they said more than 20 people came forward claiming to be scammed.

The Caddo County Sheriff, Lennis Miller, said the victims allegedly booked and paid for hunting trips through a suspect - who then took off with their money.

“I don't consider anybody that would do that a hunter,” Miller said. “They're in the same class, to me, as a poacher or a game thief.”

Miller said some of the victims paid the suspect thousands of dollars to hunt elk on a secured property.

The suspect allegedly advertised the hunting trips online, and Miller said he expects more victims to come forward. He said his team has also interviewed the suspect and will present the evidence to the district attorney. An arrest warrant would then be issued.

The assistant district attorney tells News 4, based on the information released so far, the suspect could face felony charges.

Paul Tayler, who said he’s hunted for nearly 70 years, said he’s not a victim but hopes justice will be carried out.

“I hope that they catch him, and I hope that he pays dearly,” Taylor said. “It's an insult to those of us who do take hunting as a good experience in the woods.”