“It’s good for a learning experience,” Science fair projects exciting metro students 

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Cheyenne is a student and perhaps, a future "scientist." She's participating in West Nichols Hills Elementary's annual Science Fair.

Stem curriculum is emphasized at the school which embraces science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“If we can catch them this young and get them excited about math and science, and you know, all those kind of things. That goes a long way," said fifth grade teacher Elaine Lemon.

The students are proud of their science projects and share lessons learned with classmates, teachers and family.

“They have a proof or purpose to be made. And it’s good for a learning experience," said fifth grader Ryan Cortez.

“So you can learn how stuff interacts and how you can make new stuff," said Jordyn Reece, a fifth grader.

And, parents love to see the science projects their children have been working on.

“Having a science fair like this and the kids actually having to go and do the research themselves. It’s pretty good," said parent Anntanette Reece.

The principal of West Nichols Hills, Dr. Gloria Anderson, believes the success of this science fair is an important stepping stone for her students.

“Because they know how to integrate all of the science and technology to make presentations that are awesome," said Dr. Anderson.

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