Update: Sweet 82-year-old speechless after In Your Corner team surprise

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UPDATE 2/1/18 – Irene Smith can’t believe someone did something this nice for her.

Now, she and her daughter and granddaughter can do their puzzles and go to bed without wrapping up like polar bears.

“Believe me, the day they turned the heat on, I cried, because it's been a month, over a month, without heat almost and just to see my mom go to bed with just one blanket, was just a blessing,” Irene’s daughter said.

Remember, it was too dangerous to run Irene's old unit, because it was putting out carbon monoxide, so we got rid of the old one!

Terry Shinn and TS Heat and Air put in new ducts and a brand spanking' new Lennox high efficiency heating and cooling system. 

“You are so welcome,” he said. “I'm glad we could help you.”

Irene said, “Here I am, an 82 year-old woman who has no income, so to speak, and they came in and fixed it all and did it for me for nothing.”

The family had been sleeping in the front of the house together to share the space heaters and to keep an eye on Irene.

Thursday night, they’ll be sleeping in their own beds for the first time since before Christmas.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Our In Your Corner team spent Wednesday morning sneaking up on 82-year-old Irene Smith.

Irene is a widow and is on a fixed income.

She, her daughter and granddaughter have been living without heat since before Christmas.

Irene’s reaction when we told her she was getting a brand new heat and air system was priceless.

It left her speechless and in tears.

“I waited a long time for [my electric] chair and now I'm going to get some heat and air,” she said.

Irene was forced to turn off her old unit, because it was putting out dangerous carbon monoxide.  

Irene’s daughter said, “I make sure she has 2 or 3 blankets on her, because she is a diabetic and I worry about her legs because she doesn't walk.”

Relief and warm nights are on the way!

Dee Watts of The Salvation Army is the one who tipped us off.

“Just the fact that there was a woman who could not live in her home,” she said.

 We connected the family with TS Heat and Air owner Terry Shinn.

He said, “I don't want to see anyone kicked out of their house if I can do anything about it.”

Irene is in good hands.

The brand new Lennox high efficiency heating and cool system should be in within the week.

We'll let you know as soon as Irene scores heat.

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