Dog taken away from owner after being found with tape around its mouth

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - An Oklahoma dog owner has been taken into custody after a dog was found with her mouth taped shut.

Police are accusing the dog's owner of torturing the pet, but the dog 's owner has a very different story.

"She needs to be home with me is where she needs to be," Ricky Cox told KFOR.

Cox says he hasn't seen his dog in weeks after police took her away and took him to jail.

"I would never do anything to hurt my dog," Cox said.

However, authorities say they were called to the home and found the dog chained to a fence in Cox's yard with tape wrapped around her mouth.

"They took possession of the dog and took it to a vet who removed the tape, and they could tell the tape had been there for some time and it had removed some of the hair," officials with the Guthrie Police Department said.

Pictures show the wounds left around the dog's mouth.

However, Cox says the tape was simply part of training.

"I didn't know another way to keep her from barking constantly. I was only going to do it for like five to 10 minutes and I think that would have worked," he said.

He tells KFOR that he used painter's masking tape so that it wouldn't harm her.

"When she scraped the tape off of her face, they don't know their strength, and she scraped her face is what she did," he said.

According to the arrest affidavit, officers say the tape was worn, which led them to believe that it had been on the dog's face for longer than a day.

"That is a lie. That is a pure lie. She ain't even been out there 10 minutes," Cox said.

Police say they are doing what is best for the dog, so she will remain in foster care until the completion of the case.

Cox says the best place for her is with him.

"This was between me and my dog and I wasn't trying to hurt her. I love my dog, Missy, and she loves me," he said.