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Oklahoma teen accused of posting child pornography in attempt to blackmail school administrators

Carl Albert High School (photo cropped from Facebook)

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – An Oklahoma teenage boy is facing multiple charges after he allegedly posted child pornography to social media in an attempt to blackmail school administrators.

Officials say a Snapchat page created by a 17-year-old Carl Albert High School student was used in an attempt to blackmail administrators because the school’s “Wi-Fi” had been turned off.

As a result, multiple charges have been filed against the suspect.

The Midwest City Police Department and school officials began investigating the incident in October 2017.

They have spent months trying to identify the creator of an account called “tyler_yodaddy”.

Through this account, nude and provocative photographs of Carl Albert High School students were posted.

The high school then shut off the “Wi-Fi” in the building and a later post threatened administrators stating that if they didn’t turn the “Wi-Fi” back on more photos would follow.

Officials say that more pictures were later posted.

On January 16th, officials say additional nude and provocative photographs of students were posted from the same Snapchat account.

Investigators were able to identify the juvenile associated with the social media account and he was interviewed with his guardian present.

“This case presents many issues and opportunities.  First and foremost, a tremendous amount of manpower was dedicated to identify this suspect and it could have been completely avoided if teenagers just don’t take and share these types of “selfies”, Chief Brandon Clabes said.   Clabes added, “Once underage nude photos (child pornography) are made public, they are forever.  Parents need to have an open discussion with their children and remind them of the consequences associated with these actions”.

The suspect was released to his parents and the following charges have been presented to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Bureau:

  • One count of computer crime act
  • one count of blackmail
  • eight counts of transmission of obscenity and child pornography