Siblings don’t want to be split up “because we love each other”

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Like many siblings, Emma and Nathan like to give each other a hard time.

"Annoying, not social," Nathan jokes, talking about his 12-year-old sister.

"Loud, sometimes obnoxious," Emma says.

All joking aside, it is easy to see that Nathan adores his little sister. Emma truly describes her big brother as 'caring.'

The pair love math, but Emma also enjoys studying science and hopes to be a marine biologist one day.

Until then, she spends her time reading and doing gymnastics.

"A back kick over, a back limber, a front walk over and front handspring, and I can do a front flip on a trampoline,” Emma said.

Meanwhile, Nathan would like to work in information technology, just like his foster-father.

"I play World of Warcraft with my dad and brother,” Nathan said.

Luckily, Emma and Nathan have been able to live in the same home together with the same foster family since they went into DHS custody.

They don't want to be split up to find a permanent family.

"Because we love each other,” Emma said.

Right now, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services had nearly 9,000 children in state custody. Almost 600 children are ready for adoption.

Visit for more information on adopting a child or call 1-800-376-9729.

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