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Watch: 8-year-old boy who was homeless in tears after getting his own bed 

MICHIGAN – An 8 -year-old boy who was homeless got a big surprise thanks to a local charity.

Inside Edition reports Daeyrs’ mother, Dionna, lost her job as a nurse. Since then, she and Daeyrs have been homeless for most of his life.

They were granted state housing, however, Daeyrs had to sleep in a pile of blankets in his room because they could not afford furniture.

Thanks to the non-profit Humble Design, their home was decorated for free.

“Seeing how much having a bed and his own room meant to Daeyrs, it really made me realize what’s important in life and grateful for everything I have,” said Humble Design founder Tregar Strasberg.

In 2017, the organization helped more than 150 families transition out of shelters and homelessness.