Solutions for Alzheimer’s Disease in Oklahoma is becoming a reality

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Bill Gates has announced that he is designating $100 million dollars to solve the problem of Alzheimer’s Disease, hopefully to find the right resources and ultimately a cure.

This donation would benefit Oklahoma; the Lynn Health Science Institute (LHSI) currently has two Alzheimer’s studies which help their scientists understand the disease and possibly find a cure.

Just last year alone, Americans spent over $259 billion caring for loved ones unfortunately suffering from Alzheimer’s, the disease affects 5.5 million Americans and their families.

Gates wants to fast-track the current treatment for it but, really would like to speed up recruitment for clinical trials and create a data base that helps scientists share data, perhaps helping to collaborate with one another as well.

LHSI has many clinical trials available for Alzheimer’s Disease and those who choose to participate will be helping patients and the families of the patients.

Clinical trials are often very utilized in cancer treatment but they also do a lot for Alzheimer’s as well. The Lynn Institute would like more people to know about the clinical trials related to this disease and how they benefit patients and help families.

For more information on what the Lynn Institute can do for you or for more information on participating in clinical trials,