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Family dog shot with shotgun after getting out of backyard

SKIATOOK, Okla. – When strong winds knocked down their gate, a family pet decided to do a bit of exploring.

The Clemmons family says their 12-year-old dog, Daisy, was in the backyard when strong winds knocked their gate off its hinges.

Daisy was able to get out and explore part of the neighborhood.

When she came home, Daisy was limping and covered in blood.

“It was just pouring out of her legs,” Devin Clemmons told FOX 23.

Clemmons rushed Daisy to the vet, who told him that she had been shot with a shotgun. As it turns out, the bullet had pierced part of her lung and her liver.

“I called my wife and said, ‘You better get up and say your final goodbyes. I don’t think she’s gonna make it through the night,” Clemmons said.

Fortunately, she did survive.

However, the family wants to know who would shoot their dog, and why.