Oklahoma City man killed wife, shot another woman before being killed by police officer

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City man had killed his wife and shot another woman before he was killed by a police officer earlier this week, officials said.

Just before 3 a.m. on February 1st, police received a trouble unknown call to a home at 15001 Barton Drive, near S.E. 149th and Peebly Rd.

As Officer Brandon McDonald approached the home, police said the suspect, 56-year-old William Young, started shooting towards the officer.

Officer McDonald returned fire, killing the suspect.

Police say the officer was not injured in the shooting.

As police officers searched the area, 51-year-old Jennifer Young was found dead inside a van parked at the home.

Jennifer was William’s wife, police said.

Officials said William had shot Jennifer prior to police officers arriving.

Jennifer and William Young

Authorities said Jennifer’s 29-year-old daughter, Rebecca Johnson, had gone to check on her earlier and was also shot in the face by William.

Rebecca survived her injuries, but William would not let her leave the home to seek medical attention, officials said.

William’s brother, 55-year-old Robert Young, was at the home during the incident.

He is facing charges for first-degree murder and kidnapping for allegedly failing to stop the crimes, intervene or help the victims.

Robert Young