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They spent 3 hours and 1,000 Post-its to lovingly tease Super Bowl visitors

It’s cold in Minneapolis. Like, bone-chilling cold.

So, the employees of advertising agency Hunt Adkins decided it’d be funny to drive home the point to the hundreds of thousands who’ll be descending on their city for the Super Bold this weekend.

Using 1,000 Post-its, they painstakingly spelled out “Cold Yet?” on the window of their office.

Sure, it took them hours. But, after they learned some out-of-towners were surprised by the temperatures, they couldn’t help but poke a little fun.

“A few of us decided what to write, mapped it out and assembled it in about three hours. It was a labor of love,” Sarah Kearin, a 35-year-old copywriter for the agency, told CNN.

There’s no snow in the game day forecast, but the predicted high is 7 degrees, with a low of 5 below zero. Factor in the wind chill, and it likely will feel below zero the whole day.

“We thought it might make people smile,” Kearin said. “Even if they can’t feel their faces.”