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Couple’s caretaker speaks her fears a week after they disappear from Norman

NORMAN, Okla. - A caretaker of a couple who has been missing for a week said she fears the worst may have happened.

For about 16 years, Angela Samb has taken care of 59-year-old Robert Osbourn and his partner of 25 years, 57-year-old Bertha Peppiatt.

Osbourn is autistic, dependent on medication and has kidney failure. Peppiatt is developmentally delayed and also reliant on medication.

The two live with Samb, and she said an afternoon walk they decided to take up to a convenience store was not out of the ordinary.

"They wanted to go to 7/11 to get water for Robert's fish, bottled water and gum," Samb said, estimating they went at about 11 a.m. or 12 p.m.

When they didn't come back later that afternoon, Samb said she went looking for them and, when they weren't home for dinner, she called police.

"We were not able to find them," Samb said, "and I just knew it's not them. They would come home. They are very routine."

Their neighbor, Jesse Harp, was the last one to see them, while they were standing on a sidewalk near a Circle K.

"They were just standing there, so it stuck out to me, but we just drove by thinking nothing of it because we know they go for walks," Harp said. "If I could have gotten them in that car, I would have, if I knew they were going to go missing after that."

Samb said Robert has willingly left his home before, even traveling out of state, going once to Tennessee and another time to Mississippi.

"He did that many years ago. Now, he likes Oklahoma, he loves the neighbors, he loved this, he always wanted to come to the south. He seems to be pretty happy here," Samb said.

Now, she fears the worst for the two.

"Now, I'm just wondering if someone has lured them, you know, in a car or something because I don't imagine them walking around free and not calling me or coming home," Samb said. "That's just not them."

She said Peppiatt had just cut her hair and dyed it red before the two disappeared.

Police urge anyone who thinks they may have seen them to contact the police.