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Jail video shows moments before Oklahoma inmate dies

NORMAN, Okla. - Last month, Norman police released body cam video of an encounter with 34-year-old Marconia Kessee. Now, the Cleveland County Jail is releasing its video of Kessee arriving at the detention center.

Sheriff Todd Gibson said the agency is being transparent in the midst of an ongoing state investigation.

In the video, you see Norman police arriving around 7:45 at night on January 16 at the jail. After several minutes, you see Kessee exit the car, his legs slip right under him and three officers are then seen carrying him inside the jail's intake room.

While inside, officers sit him down, but he starts to slump over and the officers take him to the ground and empty his pockets.

While still in handcuffs, the officers are then seen bringing Kessee to his feet. He seemingly loses his balance and starts to fall.

That's when detention officers and Norman PD are seen carrying him to his cell and the video ends.

Two hours later, we hear from dispatch, “Uh, we've got an inmate that is currently not breathing.” Kessee was found in his cell unresponsive. He later died at a hospital.

His family said he wasn't in his right state of mind and he needed help not jail.

"This was a man that was totally mentally out of it, that he had no sense of where he was and should have been sent to a crisis center," said his uncle, Michael Washington.

Last month, we requested the video under the Open Records Act. Last Friday, we were told Cleveland County would not be handing it over.

While we do have the video today, the sheriff's department said they won't comment on the case until the medical examiner and state review is complete.