Missing couple found safe at hotel in Norman

NORMAN, Okla. - The couple who vanished after a walk to the store a week ago have been found safely staying at a motel just a couple of hours from their home.

Last Monday, 59-year-old Robert Osbourn, who has Autism, and his longtime partner, 57-year-old Bertha Peppiatt, who is developmentally delayed, went for a walk down the street to the convenience store but got lost on the way home.

"I got confused," Osbourn told News 4.

Their caretaker, Angela Samb, had gotten a new phone number just a few days before and neither of them had it on them.

"He said 'I went that way, I got confused, and I ended up there at the Travelodge,'" Samb said.

The people at the Travelodge in Norman let them stay in a room for the week and in return, Osbourn helped out with odd jobs and cleaning around the motel.

"Kept myself busy, I’m a hard worker," Osbourn said.

Meanwhile, Peppiatt mostly kept to herself in the room, befriending some of the motel staff who even gave her gifts like nail polish and perfume.

"They gave it to me," Peppiatt said. "I said thank you to them."

But the two said they were worried about finding their way home.

"That's why I cried, I was worried about her," Peppiatt said, afraid she wouldn't see Samb again.

"I would say prayers everyday, praying that I would," Osbourn said.

Then, on Tuesday morning, an employee showed them a story about the search for the two that aired Monday night on News 4.

"On the laptop, it showed mine and Bertha’s picture right on the internet," Osbourn said.

The way home clicked in Osbourn's mind, and he walked home to Samb.

" Oh my god, I cannot tell you how happy I was. He just ran and just with all of his force almost knocked me down," Samb said.

Then together, they went to bring home Peppiatt.

"Oh, she just burst into tears," Samb said. "It was just by the grace of God that He was watching them and they were safe and warm​."

Samb said from now on, the two will wear bracelets that can be tracked if they should get lost again.