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Technology and K9s team up to take down carjacker

OKLAHOMA CITY - A call to the vehicle assistance company got a Perkins man his truck back and could have saved lives.

Ted O'Donnell's truck was carjacked from a southwest Oklahoma City travel store Monday night. After calling police, he made a second call to OnStar.

"Once Onstar was called, they began tracking the truck. They were able to update locations on the truck until our helicopter could get in the area," said Megan Morgan with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Instead of a chase that would put police and residents' lives at risk, OnStar operators used the technology in the truck to slow it down to 5 mph.

"It has a device where it shuts the engine speed down," said O'Donnell.

"It's certainly something with officer safety that we're appreciated [with] when our officers don’t have to go into a dangerous situation to pursue this vehicle as it drove through this neighborhood," said Morgan.

After the vehicle was slowed down, the suspect got out of the truck and ran into the woods. From there, K9s were called in to track and capture the carjacker.

"Its definitely more efficient to use the K9. They have tracking abilities that officers or people in general don’t have," said Morgan.

O'Donnell said he's thankful for the Oklahoma City Police Department and the tech for getting his truck back to him.

"It worked. I’m not trying to sell anybody OnStar, but it's one of the safest things you can have," he said.  "[Those] young men are professional, made every effort to help me. Those guys were good police officers."