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This Oklahoma used car dealer has a passion for antique autos kids can drive.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Wander the Auto Resources car lot in South Oklahoma City and owner Jeff Russell will probably want to show you one of his modified pickups, the kind with lift packages and custom wheels.

"This one is about a $3,000 ticket," says Russell pointing to a modified Chevy Tahoe.

He's got a few cars for sale too but the cars he really likes are the ones he used to driveway before he ever got a license.

"Men love junk," he smiles.

Russell remembers all the times he used to pull on his mother' sleeve begging for a dime and a few minutes to ride a horse or kiddie car.

"That's why they were sitting out there," he says. "They were a draw."

From the 1940's through the 1980's you could find these things outside every grocery and department store in the U.S.

Horses, cars, helicopters, even birds collected spare change in exchange for a minute or two of gentle jiggling.

Russell points to a large parrot and says, "I found this one in a petting zoo in Maryland."

Jeff says they were built to last just like the old traffic lights and metal antiques he also collects and restores.

"I've never plugged on in that didn't start running," he says. "I see something and, if it's cool, I'll buy it."

Look at them finished and you can see why some collectors don't want kids on them any longer.

A rare classic like this Geronimo ride is one of only five ever manufactured.

Russell argues, "They bring back memories and nostalgia."

He can restore old cars but doesn't want to bother with the time it might take.

In a few weeks he can have most of his shop restored and shiny like new; ready for the kid in all of us to fish around for a spare time to ride again.