Watch: Dog steals pancake from counter, starts fire

SOUTHWICK, Mass. – A fire department in Massachusetts says a video from a recent house fire can serve as a warning to other residents.

The Southwick Fire Department says a hungry dog is responsible for starting a house fire in Massachusetts.

“In this case, the family pet decided to help themselves to some leftover pancakes while the owners were away,” the fire department posted on Facebook.

Officials say as the dog jumped up on the counter to get a pancake from the stove, it hit the ignition button on the gas stove.

Within minutes, the stove ignited and began to fill the home with smoke.

Fire officials say the homeowner was connected to a monitored alarm system, so they caught the fire before it caused extensive damage.

The Southwick Fire Department says homeowners may want to look into safety covers for stove controls if you have young children or pets at home.