Murder trial for Oklahoma man accused of killing 2-year-old scheduled to begin

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BETHANY, Okla. - The murder trial for an Oklahoma man accused of killing a 2-year-old boy is scheduled to begin this week.

On May 18, 2015, Dustin Davison, who identified himself as the boyfriend of the child's mother, called 911, saying he found 2-year-old Kreedin Brooks unresponsive.

Units from all around Bethany soon converged onto the Bryan Hill Apartments.

Officials found the child unresponsive and covered in bruises. The boy's skull was fractured, authorities said.

Police say Davison's story about how the boy was injured kept changing.

The discrepancies could be heard in the 911 recording as well.

When explaining to dispatchers what happened to the toddler, Dustin first says the child 'hit his head on the coffee table.'

But moments later, he claims he's not sure how the child was injured.

"I have no idea," said Davison during the call. "Like I said, I was in the shower."

The 2-year-old was taken a local hospital where he later died.

2-year-old Kreedin Brooks, photo via GoFundMe

The child's mother was not home at the time and Davison was supposed to be babysitting the toddler.

Davison is a convicted felon. He pleaded guilty in 2012 to Second Degree Burglary.

He's now in the Oklahoma County Jail for First Degree Murder by Child Abuse.

Davison pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Court records show Davison's murder trial started this week.

Prosecutors in the case are seeking the death penalty.