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Pet rescue organization honoring missing Oklahoma pilot with upcoming flight

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A national nonprofit organization that works closely with animals is honoring a missing Oklahoma pilot.

Family members tell KFOR that Dr. Bill Kinsinger loved animals and spent much of his time working with Pilots N Paws, an organization that moves animals from at-risk locations to loving homes throughout the country.

Credit: Bill Kinsinger
Courtesy: Pilots N Paws

Kinsinger was working with the organization when he left Wiley Post Airport to pick up a dog in Georgetown, Texas on Jan. 3.

The FAA confirms the Cirrus S22T plane left Wiley Post Airport and filed a flight plan to Georgetown.  However, officials say Kinsinger did not land in Georgetown, but rather continued on the same course.

Credit: Bill Kinsinger
Courtesy: Pilots N Paws

When air traffic controllers tried to contact him, he did not respond. Experts believe Kinsinger likely suffered from hypoxia while behind the controls.

FAA officials say the plane was last seen on radar about 219 miles northwest of Cancun at 15,000 feet and was headed into the Gulf of Mexico.

Pilots N Paws tells KFOR that Kinsinger had been a pilot with them for years, and was on his way to pick up a husky when his plane disappeared.

Now, another organization with a similar mission is honoring Kinsinger’s work.

Fetch-Fido-A-Flight announced that it will be airlifting 115 Oklahoma pets who are at-risk of euthanasia to a no-kill shelter in Salem, Oregon.

The flight, which will take place on Feb. 10, will be dedicated to the memory of Kinsinger, who was a former board member and volunteer with the organization.

Credit: Bill Kinsinger
Courtesy: Pilots N Paws

After searching nearly 17,500 nautical square miles, the Coast Guard called off the search. However, Kinsinger’s son is hoping to continue searching for his father on his own.