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“This is definitely something we’ve never seen before,” Dozens of tires stolen from Norman dealership

NORMAN, Okla. — Police are investigating after dozens of wheels and tires were stolen from a local dealership.

It happened over the weekend at Landers Chevrolet.

“This is definitely something we’ve never seen before,” said Sarah Jensen with the Norman Police Department. “We made contact with one of the employees there who informed us, when we arrived, that there was wheels stolen from several vehicles there to the tune of approximately 40 vehicles.”

Over 100 wheels, rims and tires were stolen, and the vehicles were left sitting on wooden blocks.

“We were also able to determine that it appears that these individuals climbed the light poles at the dealership and were able to disable the lights almost to conceal what they were doing,” Jensen said.

It’s something police over in Texas have seen before.

“As we kind of worked through the investigation and got all of the details, we began looking at other incidents of this nature in our area. We were able to locate some incidents that occurred that were similar in Houston and Tyler. In one of those incidents, there was surveillance video and it did show those individuals came in and disabled the lights,” Jensen said.

Just like in those cases, Norman police believe several people were involved in the heist and used a vehicle to transport the stolen goods.

“160 wheels and tires stolen - that’s a significant impact to a business, especially a local business,” Jensen said.

Jensen said it appears the thieves are targeting Chevrolet and GMC dealerships.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Call Norman police if you have information that could help investigators.