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“Fired to protect myself,” Oklahoma homeowner shoots home invasion suspect

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FRANCIS, Okla. – “I got my gun out of the drawer because I heard someone smashing in here and I saw a flashlight beam.”

That’s what homeowner Dennis Reif did after hearing commotion in his kitchen just before 3 a.m.

He says he then came face-to-face with Chris Born, who allegedly fired four shots at Reif, and missed.

“I just quickly leveled at him and fired to protect myself and he screamed and yelled he was hit,” Reif said after grabbing his .38 caliber.

Reif shot Born twice in the chest.

“When the shots were fired, they dropped everything and left the residence,” Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian told KXII.

Born then fled the scene with Dustin Hoots, and after a short chase, Born was caught. However, officials say Hoots is still on the run.

Two women in a separate vehicle, Jeanette Matthews and Tara Whittecar, were also arrested.

Authorities believe the women served as look-outs for Born and Hoots.

“We know there were two vehicles there,” Christian said.

Several stolen guns were also found in a building while officials were searching for Hoots.

The Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office believes Born runs the shop and now faces felonious possession of a firearm.

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