“I think it is a wonderful thing,” Coffee brings parents, staff together at metro high school

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Early in the morning, before the sun comes up at Capitol Hill High School, Principal Adam Jewell and his staff are acting as temporary baristas. They're busy brewing coffee - and a lot of it, too.

But, the coffee isn't for them; they have someone else in mind.

"Coffee at the Curb is something we do every two weeks to give our parents that are dropping their kids off at a school a little heads up as to all the events that are happening at Capitol Hill High School," Jewell said.

The hot coffee is a great ice breaker, and it immediately took off.

"I went on Partners in Action and basically said 'This is what we need to get this thing off and running,' and it took, I believe it was, under four hours that Partners in Action had the entire project funded," Jewell said.

A good cup of java allows the staff to engage personally with the parents of Capitol Hill High School students as they're dropping off their kids in the morning.

"I think it is a wonderful thing. It just gets the parents involved," said parent Sherry Landrum.

It's a perfect time to let parents know what's happening at the school and how important it is for the parents to be involved.

Coffee at the Curb, served by the hardworking staff of Capitol Hill High School, is another great example of what's right with our schools.

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