Elevator issue plagues Cushing apartment building again

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CUSHING, Okla. - Residents living in the Cimarron Tower apartment building say they've been stuck on the upper floors of the building for a week.

This is not the first time the apartment building has faced the elevator issue.

"It's only been out for a week," said Andrew Cubbage.

Cubbage has lived at the Cimarron Tower for eight years.

A sign on the elevator shows it has been down since February 3.

"They had built a part, then it broke," Cubbage said.

This week, when News 4 tried to talk to management, our crew was told to leave and to contact the corporate office.

We tried contacting the corporate office, but so far have not heard back.

Tammi Compton used to live at Cimarron Tower, but moved out in December. Compton said she still has many friends who live in the building, and that's why she emailed News 4.

"There's people that live everywhere from the 7th Floor on down. I know that there is a lady that lives, I think, on the second floor, and she can't get up and down the stairs and there's disabled, there's elderly, everything," Compton said.

Compton said, in the end, she just wants to see the elevator fixed.

"I want to see them replace it or fix it, because a lot of the parts are obsolete," she said.

As for those who currently live there, like Cubbage, he said management is doing the best that they can.

"The manager has been willing to work with them. For instance, when I paid my rent last week, she came to get it from me upstairs," Cubbage said.

We also contacted the Department of Labor - the agency responsible for elevator inspections. We are still waiting to hear from officials.

The Cushing Fire Department did tell us officials are aware of the issue.

As far as safety goes, the Chief told News 4, the property is making self rescue accommodations by moving some residents to lower floor levels.