Logan County Sheriff’s Office cracking down on illegal dumping

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - The Logan County Sheriff's Department is cracking down on residents who illegally dump their trash.

"It's been here a while," Logan County Deputy Don Hudgins said about a sofa he picked up off the side of a county road.

One or two days a week, Deputy Hudgins spends time picking up other people's trash. He is usually accompanied by inmates from the jail.

"Oh my, everything. Furniture, appliances, tires are big items, old mattresses," Hudgins said.

Deputy Hudgins started the program in October with the help of a Department of Environmental Quality grant. He's been busy ever since.

Just last month, they picked up almost 30,000 pounds of garbage. In all, about 16 tons of trash was found at one illegal dumping site.

"I've always seen this stuff growing up and it was always, made me angry to see it. To think people are so lazy that they can drive to the dump where they can dump legally," he said.

Now, authorities are on the lookout for those who decide to illegally dump their trash. Hudgins installed cameras at a few of the more popular illegal dump sites.

"I've been using cameras for a couple of months. I have made three cases so far, able to get tag numbers and people who are doing the dumping," he said.

He wants residents to be aware that illegally dumping trash can have serious consequences.

"They can serve jail time. It depends on what the judge decides. It depends on the severity of the case. The fine ranges between $200 and $5,000," Hudgins said.

And things could come full circle if he has any say about it.

"I'm trying to get it to where they get assigned community service. Hopefully, get assigned to me. That way if they've been dumping trash, they can help me clean up other people's trash," Hudgins said.

Logan County residents can dump their big trash for free at any of the County Commissioners' barns.

He says most counties have legal dumping sites.

Of course, Oklahoma City has a free bulk waste pick up day every month.