Yukon couple warning others about apparent scam

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YUKON, Okla. - A couple is trying to spread the word after receiving fake checks in the mail as part of an apparent scam.

Chad and Charlene Riley tell News 4 that at first, it seemed like a sweet deal. They received an unexpected check for $1,860 addressed to Chad in the mail.

However, they said something didn't add up.

"Whenever I called Citi Bank, they could not verify over the phone that the account was real," Chad Riley said.

The checked appeared to be from a scholarship fund in New York, according to Riley.

He said then, he received a text from someone named Theresa saying they needed to talk.

"I did not call it back. Then on Tuesday, I received another check from my own bank, Bank of America," Chad said.

That check was for the same amount. He took it to his bank and learned it was a fake account.

"I also received a text that day saying, 'We haven't read from you. The check was mailed to you and we haven't read from you," Riley told News 4.

That message came from the same number, which is a 515 area code.

The Rileys then discovered they're not alone.

"On the 'Yukon Happenings,' Chad had seen where another lady had the exact same thing, exact same dollar amount. Two checks, same dollar amount. Seems to be going around," Charlene Riley said.

They think whoever sent the checks and text messages was trying to gain access to personal information.

"Maybe they could have gotten my account number or something, because the other lady on Facebook, her account was taken. Luckily, it wasn't her main bank account," Riley said.

Now, the two are trying to spread the word hoping no one else falls for the apparent scam.

"People just need to be aware of all theses scam artists," Charlene said.

The Rileys reported it to Yukon police.

They tried calling the number they received the text messages from, but it just kept ringing.

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