Oklahoma father in critical condition after flu diagnosis

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ATOKA, Okla. – An Oklahoma man is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with the flu.

The family of 48-year-old Michael Keeler says he was perfectly healthy before being diagnosed.

“There was just nothing we could do, he was just one of the unlucky people this season,” said Shuana Keeler, Michael’s wife. “There are so many things that Michael is, he’s a friend, he’s a father, he’s a husband, he’s pretty amazing.”

On December 23, Michael went to the emergency room after feeling a sudden shortness of breath. Since then, he has remained in the ICU.

Shauna, along with their four-and-five-year-old girls, have been by Michael’s side at the hospital in Oklahoma City.

Their daughters also caught the flu, but recovered.

“It’s a rapid progressiveness, it’s something you just don’t realize is occurring until it’s there,” said Shauna, who is also a nurse.

She told KXII that Michael had received a flu shot. And once he tested positive for the flu, they worked on getting him better.

“Lots of rest, fluids, chicken soup, that kind of thing,” Shauna said.

However, things took a turn for the worst. And now, all of Michael’s treatments are meant to save his life.

“Multiple means of life support, dialysis, the ECMO machine, ventilator, multiple sedatives,” Shauna said.

Michael did develop double pneumonia and is also recovering from acute respiratory distress syndrome.

“You basically expect in flu season, for it to be the very young or the very old to be affected, not the middle-aged people who were seemingly healthy before,” Shauna said.

Michael is in critical condition, but his family is not giving up.

“As long as he’s fighting, we’re fighting,” Shauna said.

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