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“You’re stealing from kids,” Thieves steal trailer used to help young burn victims

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. – The flames from a fire can have a lasting impact on a family.

While losing your home to a house fire is devastating, the tragedy is made worse when a loved one suffers a severe injury.

Oftentimes, children are the ones who suffer the most severe injuries during house fires, and those injuries can be long-lasting.

That’s why a group of firefighters created a camp for children who suffered disfiguring injuries from fires.

The Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp is a free summer camp for children who have suffered major burns or disfiguring injuries.

Organizers say the burn camp allows those children to make new relationships with those who have suffered the same types of injuries.

However, thieves recently targeted the organizers, and now the future of the camp is on the line.

Members of the Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp say thieves recently cut a lock and stole their trailer from a home in Collinsville.

The trailer is used to transport needed materials for the camp and is utilized every day of the camp.

“It just shows that people don’t care if it’s a charity, a non-charity; they’re going to take it if they want it,” Ronn Badertscher, a board member of the Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp, said.

The loss will cost the non-profit about $2,000, money the camp’s organizers say they simply don’t have. If the trailer is not returned, organizers say they will have to come up with a fundraiser to earn the money.

“You’re not only stealing from the public, but you’re stealing from kids. I mean, you’ve got kids who are dependent on that trailer to operate a camp that they go to. So it’s a new low,” Badertscher told KJRH. 

Organizers say they hope the thieves just drop the trailer back off at the property.

If you have any information on the trailer, call the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office at (918) 596-9600.