Police: Witness stops attempted car theft at Oklahoma City hotel

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City police are searching for a woman who may be connected with an attempted theft at a local hotel.

On Feb. 10, officers were called to a hotel in the 4200 block of W. I-40 Service Rd. following a report of a stolen vehicle.

The victim told police that she had her SUV running and was loading bags into the back of the vehicle. When she went to grab more bags, a woman with dreadlocks got into the driver’s seat and took off.

According to the police report, the victim’s husband ran after the SUV and screamed that the suspect had just stolen their car.

A witness who heard the husband screaming pulled her car in front of the SUV to stop the suspect. The witness grabbed the suspect and pulled her out of the car, but then noticed that she had a black pistol in her backpack.

At that point, witnesses say the alleged suspect grabbed the backpack and ran from the scene.

Now, police are searching for the alleged suspect, who is described as a black woman with her hair in dreadlocks with frosted tips.

If you have any information on the attempted theft, call CrimeStoppers at (405) 235-7300.